Monday, November 24, 2008

Pj Harvey

i just love the way she looks!
strict, exquisite and beautiful...
pictures taken from

This Mess We're In

what was that you wanted?
i just wanna say...
don't ever change now baby
and thank you...
i don't think we will meet again.

a song perfomed by pj harvey and thom yorke (radiohead).

so touchnig and tragic...

Depeche Mode

In Your Room

one of the greatest inspirations for me...the song and the band.

clouds in the sky

when i was a little girl i dreamt to be an artist who only paints skies and clouds...but i never really tried...not even once. some say not every dream should be fulfilled.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coldplay - For You

don't mind the picture - just listen to the song...just wanted to share this dreamy, "cloudy" melody...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

the bridge

i've shot this on my way from the city i was born to the airport...
i love this bridge...but it makes me sad.

The lovecats (acoustic) :The Cure

of course it's one of my favorites songs!


meet my cat!

there's something so fascinating about cats...grace...movements...the way they look at you...
i can watch them for hours!
so...there gonna be more of my cat here...

another around the house thing

this is what u see when u look up between the stairs in the building i live.
and this is what u can see by the entrance to the building.

well, this is not in my house at is at my sister's.
anyway..angles, circles, light and shadow - what could be better?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 days report

when i come home i just throw my bag or what ever i am carrying with me on a sideboard near the door and do the same with my shoes, jacket, keys etc...
so here is what i've been wearing for the last week and the poor sideboard...
just got back am i going to "spy" after ?


so many things to many places to go...hate that.


heels? and skirt? me? noway!

my mom would be proud of me!


grey and white....simple and nice.

is it going to rain someday?
going to do a test make up for a bride...brides are usually nervous and captious, so i have to be
nice and look pretty.
have shortened my dress finally, i think it looks better this way...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

looks i realy like

taken from

these two taken from

this one taken from best look battle on




... i stop and i stare too much
afraid that i care to much
and i hardly dare to touch
fot fear that the spell may be broken...(DM)

some beautiful works of sevil friedberg. mystery and tenderness,



Alexander Samokhvalov, 1933
Tatiana Yablonskaya, 1954

V.Svarog, 1939

Alexander Deineka, 1947
color and light...