Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a few words i wanted to say...

it's hard to believe but today is the day.
looking back at the whole process of creating the wardrobe everything becomes clear to me and i want it to be clear for anybody who looks at it.
when it only started i thought of the things i would really like to wear, about the style and what actually brings me to it and inspires me .i wanted my wardrobe to be a little bit elegant, but not too feminine, with an accent on comfort and sometimes look more streety. i've posted the visual material i thought of and found that some of the images inspire me to create a pattern, some as prints and some lead me to choose the fabrics. it was different from outfit to outfit but everything together is a result of the things that catch my eye and mind.

i hope everything is going to go well today and i wish good luck to all those who, hopefully, will have something to wear from now on.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

the second fitting

the part with the buttons has to be thiner...

just wondering, which one looks better? the higher one, on the left, or the lower, on the right?
yeah...the lower.
we also decided to change the cut lines on the back of the pants. but i'll be able to show it only on the final ones.

work in progress

for the next fitting i decided to make the shirt and the jacket out of the real materials.so here are some pics:

these are only the front parts...

the rib of the jacket turned out to be a real catastrophe! i just couldn't find the right one and if i did - it's color would be awfull! i tried to die some of them and it didn't help...and then i decided to make a print on one of them! and i really liked it!

i had to die the shirt fabric too. thankfully it wasn't such a problem because it's cotton.afterwards i sprinkled on it with dark violet color and of course the sprinkles were everywhere....table, floor, walls....and the my blusher brush was ruined.

and i really liked my "palette", i just had to post it here too.