Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a few words i wanted to say...

it's hard to believe but today is the day.
looking back at the whole process of creating the wardrobe everything becomes clear to me and i want it to be clear for anybody who looks at it.
when it only started i thought of the things i would really like to wear, about the style and what actually brings me to it and inspires me .i wanted my wardrobe to be a little bit elegant, but not too feminine, with an accent on comfort and sometimes look more streety. i've posted the visual material i thought of and found that some of the images inspire me to create a pattern, some as prints and some lead me to choose the fabrics. it was different from outfit to outfit but everything together is a result of the things that catch my eye and mind.

i hope everything is going to go well today and i wish good luck to all those who, hopefully, will have something to wear from now on.

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